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Presvelos Law LLP focuses on favourable outcomes, not long, expensive processes.

Our goal for every client is to solve their legal problem while providing professional and cost-effective client service.​ Many law firms obsess about meeting targets for billable hours and practicing law through traditional methods. A modern, professional approach to law adopts the technological developments and client-oriented culture that have changed the way we do business. That change must be reflected in how lawyers serve clients in today's economy.

Our Approach.


Initial Consultation.

Speak with an experienced lawyer to better understand your legal issues and options.


Create Legal Strategy.

Legal strategies should be practical and transparent. We collaborate with our clients to create an action plan specific to their needs. Our firm  also provides clients with updated timelines and budgets as their matter progresses.


Cost-Effective Resolution.

We achieve outcomes that balance risks, costs and practical objectives.  Our advice is honest and driven by our clients' financial and legal interests.

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