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Legal services must focus on outcomes, not long and expensive processes


Our goal for every client is to solve their legal problem while providing professional and innovative client service.


Exceptional client service is a critical component of our legal practice. Every client should expect frequent and transparent communication, collaboration in strategizing for their case, as well as cost-effective alternatives to resolve their legal problems.


Many law firms obsess about meeting targets for billable hours and practicing law through traditional methods. A modern approach to law adopts the technological developments and client-oriented culture that have changed the way we do business. That change must be reflected in how lawyers serve clients in today's economy.


Our commitment to improving client service includes:


Value-Oriented Billing – Value-oriented billing means that our billing rate varies according to the file's complexity and the task’s importance to achieving a result. For example, administrative tasks will not be charged at the same rate as written or oral advocacy.

Containing Costs – A client’s budget must be respected. In many cases, costs can be reduced by involving clients on their files and implementing technology that reduces administrative work.


Client Portals –  Individual client portals allow clients to remotely and securely share documents, schedule meetings, review and pay invoices as well as send instant messages over a secured network. These features reduce billing time and offer clients an easy way to communicate and collaborate.


Every client should expect frequent and transparent 

communication, collaboration in strategizing for their case

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"It is the responsibility of municipal candidates, third parties and their respective campaigns to accurately report their expenses and contributions."

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