Commercial Real Estate - Protecting Tenants

Presvelos Law LLP often represents commercial tenants in lease disputes with their landlords. We can help you with the following legal issues:


  • Disputing the proper amount of rent or additional rent owed, including “TMI” (taxes, maintenance and insurance) disputes

  • Improper lease termination by Landlords 

  • Relief from Forfeiture Applications


We provide practical and proactive advice to resolve your commercial lease disputes.

Overview - Commercial Tenant's Rights and Obligations

Your rights in a commercial lease are determined both by the wording of your lease agreement as well as the Commercial Tenancies Act. It is important to have a lawyer review your lease agreement to properly advise you of important issues including:


  • Issues concerning the calculation of additional rent or TMI

  • How to handle a dispute with your Landlord concerning additional rent or TMI

  • Whether your Landlord has improperly terminated your lease agreement

  • How to respond to a Landlord's breach of your lease agreement, including obtaining proper court order to force the Landlord to fulill its obligations and responsibilities

  • How to bring an application for Relief from Forfeiture, where appropriate, if you have been locked out by a Landlord

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COVID-19 Effect on Commercial Tenancies


To find specific information about the impact of COVID-19 on commercial tenancies see our article here.

Determining each party's responsibilities requires careful consideration of the commercial lease agreement. Commercial leases will typically address issues such as:

  • who is responsible to pay for maintenance/repairs 

  • payment of additional rent or TMI (taxes, maintenance, and insurance)

  • how and when a commercial tenant may terminate its lease

Commercial tenants should always consult with a lawyer to preserve their rights and before they take any action. The proper legal approach can save you significant time and money in resolving a lease dispute with a Landlord.